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Reston Home Story

This absolutely gorgeous Reston home was a forever home for my seller clients UNTIL they saw their new forever home only few miles down the road. The sellers decided that they need to buy and sell AT THE SAME TIME. Fortunately, they were able to purchase the other home without contingency on selling this home. However we needed to make sure this home sold FAST at a high price as the new home they were purchasing needed lots of updates to add personal touches.

From the first meeting to actual took 2 weeks. Initial meeting was a should we, could we, what are our options type of meeting. Then we had strategized the best timeline and plan to get the home on the market so we don't miss the summer market. Putting it on the market on 8/15/2021 was risky because that meant closing sometime in September. But it needed to be done.

The sellers spent a week cleaning, sorting, and making the space spotless!! We got together to resort the decorations to optimize the first impression. There were lots to plan and work on before the listing so everything goes smoothly. We also leveraged local agents to spread the word. This helps our sellers tremendously.

We were able to receive our first offer right away which was received and accepted. The buyer had a buyers remorse and rescinded the offer in a day. We then got another offer right away. This buyer absolutely loved the home!

Due to the market and the way we priced and presented the home, we were able to sell the home for $25,000 above asking and close. Sellers are SUPER DUPER happy and we are as well!!

A success home story for the clients of Yon Chung, Realtor. If you are looking to create your own success home story with us, please contact us!

Yon Chung has earned KW Luxury status as well as NVAR Top producer, Arlington Magazine Top Producer, Top Agent Network status. Yon Chung has been in real estate industry for 20 years investing in real estate. Yon Chung has a CPA (inactive) background. Yon Chung's clients take advantage of all her of her experiences as well as in depth knowledge in market, creating wealth and building a legacy.

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