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McLean Home Story

Buyer and seller has a pretty long story for this property.

Seller wished to sell this single family home located in McLean while they were out of state. This home had come off the market as it was occupied by tenants and as usual, homes with tenants do not sell very fast nor easily. Tenants were very cooperative and willing to work with the sellers however due to the time frame being in the middle of the pandemic, showings were difficult.

Eventually, the home was taken off the market.

Buyer saw this listing while it was active and was keen but by the time the buyer wished to see the property, the home was taken off the market. Yon Chung, Realtor worked to reach out to the listing agent/sellers to get more information and confirmed the willingness to sell the property.

Thankfully for the Buyers, the Sellers were looking to sell still! So many buyers and buyer agents had reached out to this particular listing agent but the only one the listing agent was willing to work with was Yon Chung, Realtor due to Yon's consistency and professionalism.

The pandemic has caused so much chaos in the real estate industry. The new build industry was lacking construction workers, materials, transportation and so forth. This affected the resale market as well. There were multiple extensions due to the pandemic related delays. Yon Chung Realtor kept the buyers hopeful as the Sellers were also willing to sell. After much extensions due to many issues with the timeline and many months later, the home FINALLY closed!!!

Buyers are ecstatic as well as the Sellers!

A success home story for the clients of Yon Chung, Realtor. If you are looking to create your own success home story with us, please contact us!

Yon Chung is a proud sponsor of Langley High School. Yon Chung has earned KW Luxury status as well as NVAR Top producer, Arlington Magazine Top Producer, Top Agent Network status. Yon Chung has been in real estate industry for 20 years investing in real estate. Yon Chung has a CPA (inactive) background. Yon Chung's clients take advantage of all her of her experiences as well as in depth knowledge in market, creating wealth and building a legacy.

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