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let us serve you as our client

We strive to provide the best service so that our clients come back to us again and again.   What does it mean to give the best service?  It all depends on your need.


Some of our clients really want someone who can be available for them.  Some of our clients want as much information to delve through as much as possible.  Some of our clients need us to walk them through the process step by step. 


Whatever it is you need, we are here for you.


"Yon is extremely responsive and the right person for all of your realtor needs. Her excellent research was thoroughly comprehensive and targeted to the areas we were looking for. Yon is an expert in the processes and hand held me and my wife through the whole process. Additionally, Yon negotiated skillfully and was able to get the other side to include extra incentives. You definitely want Yon as your realtor, both buying and selling."

Michael K. , Buyer

"We have been looking for a new house for 6 months, when we were almost giving up it is Yon who helped us get a house and close the deal. She is professional and considerate. Even after settlement she is still assisting the follow-up. She never pushes you, always be patient to listen to your needs. It is amazing for me how a 3-kids mom always provides best possible support to clients at the same time of managing the family, actually you can see this happens on her. When we got her gift after signing all the settlement documents, I gave her a big and sweet hug:-)"

Maggie L. , Buyer

"Yon was awesome! If you want an agent that is instantly responsive, knows every detail about the local market, and is an expert at negotiation and communication with all parties, choose her. Thanks to her help we got everything we wanted, at lower cost than anticipated, and faster than we thought possible."

Graham W. , Buyer

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