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How to find the perfect neighborhood for YOU in McLean, VA in Northern Virginia

You need to move! But, to where?

There are so many things to consider when you are ready to move. Before you start seriously shopping for a home, consider the following to help you narrow it down.

1. Schools

You need to find a school that's right for your children. Every child is different and every school is different in terms of their focus and priority. The programs they offer will be slightly different in each school. Go visit the schools, talk to the school administrators, possibly parents (with different views) who may have similar needs as you. Go online and do research.

2. Location

Where is the prospective home located? On the main road? By a power plant? By a lake? All of these things are good consideration. Some will find it advantageous and some may not. And if most wouldn't want to be living by that specific location, the price will be reflected by it. The location has a huge impact on the price of a home.

3. Convenience

This is another part of location. Is it close to a public transportation? Shopping center? Walking distance to school? Easy access to the highway? All these considerations will either bring the price up or down.

4. Crime rates

There is no place that has had no crime history. It's a matter of frequency and severity. Research and research and research. Read the local news and talk to a few neighbors. A lot of the neighbors do feel safe in the neighborhoods even if the news makes it out to be crazier then it is. Do play caution.

5. Commute Where do you work? How far do you want to commute? Is it important to be further away and live in a bigger space for the same price of the house? Would your family appreciate having you around more than having a bigger space? What is your family's priority? Think these things through before you decide on a neighborhood.

There is a pros and cons to these decisions. Price will be affected. If you have a set budget, you may have to prioritize. Real estate triangle is this: Size, Location and condition. You will need to decide ahead of the time, what you are willing to sacrifice and what you must have. That's the best way to find the home that your want in the shortest time possible.

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Yon Chung, CPA, Realtor is a full time real estate agent based in McLean, Virginia (Capital Area Homes | Keller Williams Realty). She personally invests in real estate around Northern Virginia and out of state. Yon Chung serves sellers and buyers of primary homes and investment properties in Fairfax County.


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